proThe ultimate end product of accounting is NOT good financial reports. Rather, the desired end points of accounting are an excellent understanding of your business and better management action. Remember, accounting does not equal bookkeeping. Providing financial information to our clients in a timely and accurate manner is a commitment that we feel can not be compromised.

Our Analysts fill the gap between bookkeeping and action. And at GUMAX Accounting Services we do it ALL with dedication and desire.

There are four areas of our analysis

  1. Personal Analysis
  2. Business Analysis
  3. Real Estate Analysis
  4. Global Analysis (personal business and realstate combined)

Book Keeping and Payroll

Gumax Accounting services . Bookkeeping & Payroll is geared toward small-business owners and managers who don’t have time, skill or inclination to manage these financial tasks. You know where you’re headed. We can help you get there. Together, we’ll sit down and explain your business tax situation, help you evaluate options and give you a clear tax plan to get you everything you’re entitled to. and keep you informed of new

Projection and Analysis