Gumax Accounting Services

servicesIs your source for individual and commercial tax services. From federal and state income taxes to estate taxes, we have a network of professional accountants who will ensure your optimum satisfaction. Choose from any of our refund options by EPS Financial , and avoid high check cashing fees with a convenient cash card/debit card. Refunds can also be deposited into a checking or saving account.

IT Business Solutions available:

Designing for performance using C++, Java, ADA, Fortran, Visual Basic, and more.

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  1. Recruiting, training and developing a high-integrity group of people who are number lovers or who have a desire to own a business one day.
  2. Accounting and Financial Services
  3. Advisory Services
  4. Payroll and Bookkeeping
  5. Complete Payroll and HR Resources
  6. Business Valuations
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